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Careful now. Hans thought to herself as she began to draw the scene in front of her in her sketchbook. MK was chatting casually with one of the Creators, absentmindedly twining her fingers through her braid. With a small smile Hans doodled, music playing in her head. It wasn't important that she paid attention to her friend's conversation, it was more instructions for them than anything else. She had grown bored very quickly and decided to draw, not wanting to bother the older teen.

Soon Hans felt herself leave the world. She said nothing as she drew, lost in the world of colors, music, and dreams. Her colored pencils and erasers danced across her white canvas, re-creating the image in her mind, the image she saw in front of her. She didn't think she was a good artist but MK always insisted she was. And though Hans believed her she still doubted it. But at the moment none of that mattered to Hans. All that mattered was the flying colors, the story the picture told, and more importantly just...drawing. It felt like she was sitting on cotton candy made clouds. Tasty yet fun.

She returned to reality though when she felt MK's hand on her shoulder. She paused her music and glanced up. "Whatcha draw?" MK asked, looking at the picture. Hans looked as well. It was a chibi version of MK and Hans, both teens spray-painting their names on the wall. "...It wasn't supposed to be us at first." "It's so cool though." "...I'm not happy with it."
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January 5, 2013
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