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"WAAAAAHHHHH! SHAWN MICHAELS BETTER BE ONNNNN OR I AM GOING TO FLLLIIPPP!" MK practically shouted. For once the teen was literally flying around the large entertainment room. Normally she'd be too tired to even shout, much less run around like a lunatic. But tonight was a very special night for her. And Hans knew this, probably better than the other Creators and she understood better than the others. Giggling and smiling Hans sat on the black leather couch, watching MK act more wild than ever. "I can tell you're happy Kitty, in the four and not even half but will be soon years I've known you you've never been this happy." Four-and-not-even-half-but-will-be-soon years didn't seem like much to most people but MK and Hans hung out everyday they could and chatted online when they couldn't.

"I'm sorry Hans but I haven't seen Shanwy in ffffoooorrrrreeeeevvvvvveeeeeerrr!" Hans giggled again. "I regret buying you that chocolate cupcake flavored coffee, you're naturally hyper enough." "I know but it was ssssssooooooo goood!" MK said. She was giggling like a young school girl and just did not stop running around. Today was the day of the Raw 20th anniversary and as always MK naturally assumed her childhood idol, the HeartBreak Kid Shawn Michaels would be there. Honestly Hans would be very sad if Shawn wouldn't be on and she knew Kitty would be devastated.

But she didn't mention any of that as she sketched some BunntFrost fan-art, including her fan child Crystal into the mix. MK finally stopped, panting hard. She looked over Hans shoulder, her hair tickling Hans' face, making her laugh. "C'mon Kitty sit down you can't keep running around forever." "Yes I caaaaannnn NOODLE ARMS!" That was another thing Hans learned about her friend. When MK was super-duper hyper she also shouted the most random of things. It was entertaining though, for you never knew what would come out of her mouth or if it would make sense. Nevertheless, Hans found herself drawing random sketches of...well, randomness. Her fan character Crystal was in all of them, from doing the infamous "Noodle Arms" from Adventure Time to just being the adorable...whatever she is. (Sorry Hans I don't remember what she is >.<)

"Mine turtle!" MK's hoarse voice broke Hans' thoughts. Thank god she's calm! I thought she was gonna pass out before Shawny would even make his sexy entrance! MK sat on the couch next to Hans. She took one of the million sheets of papers with Crystal on them and began doodling. No, she's not doodling, she's writing. Writing it seems, calmed her down. But she was still random. "Mine train firing it's lazor." The hyper ness was dying down thankfully. It was growing a little frightening, for when hyper MK (And Hans too) had their imagination go crazy. As if somebody found their imagination power on/off switch and flicked on to permanent over-drive, something that didn't even exist on the two sided switch. It certainly felt like it at times with their random artwork and writing.

"Hans, what are you staring at?" "Nothing Kitty." "I have a guest Hall-of-Famer here on Miz-TV." The Miz was saying. MK let out a gasp and sat up, wide eyed. "Would you like a hint?" "YES YES YES GLUB PLEASE!" MK practically half-screamed half-whispered, her voice almost gone. "Wooo!" "DAMN IT!" Hannah burst out laughing, almost falling off the couch. MK giggled slightly and leaned back, pouting. "God I'm scared to see when Shawny really does come out." "It'll be the same thing if Taker came out." "....Very true." Both girls chatted as the watched Raw, eagerly awaiting their idols, somehow knowing deep down that neither one of them would show up.
I was seriously hyper when I wrote this but now I'm calm. Hell, I feel even a tiny bit sad.
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January 14, 2013
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