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"Ok, I found the perfect place for you guys." Chris was saying as he led the seven Creators across a lively green lawn. MK sighed impatiently. "You've been saying that for the past six hundred houses." She said tiredly. Whose smart idea was it to take seven hyperactive teens house-hunting? She wondered. Almost as if he read her mind, Chris spoke. "Remember Miss MK this was your bright idea." The six Creators glared at their leader, who gave them a nervous chuckle. "Anyway I know this place will definitely be better than that tiny apartment you guys live in." Their manager continued as he stopped. The seven stopped as well and looked up. 

The mansion was HUGE (And I can not stress huge enough), like the Disney Castle but much more demonic. It was a dark rusty red color instead of white and the giant glass window had a strange design on it, sort of evil looking. There was a certain glow to it that caught the leader's attention. It was a faint gold-ish glow that surrounded the place. She lowered her dark sunglasses and walked over to the building. She gently ran her fingers over the bricks and pulled away. Rainbow colored dust came off on her fingers and she smiled slightly. Imagination Dust. That explains it...

"Yep, this is our new home!" She said cheerfully, wiping the dust on her pants. The others stared blankly at her. Chris inwardly sighed with relief. Good, she's not bitching about the exterior, already a good sign. He walked towards the giant glass doors and pulled out a small silver key. He unlocked the door and walked inside, the Creators following. The interior was even larger than the exterior. Sparkling glass steps wound up into the sky it seemed. The snow white floors seemed to glisten with excitement as the eight people walked through it. Though they had mud on their shoes the mud seemed to vanish completely.

Grinning, MK nudged her best friend, Hans Hoshi, and pointed towards the mud. Hans looked and giggled when she saw the mud magically vanish. "So that's why you chose this place in a hurry." She whispered. "Yep. It's literally our house." MK said smiling as the two hurried up the stairs to follow Chris. "So...I guess you want this then?" He asked MK. She nodded. "Yeah, this place was meant for us." Literally.  The teen thought with a smile as Chris spoke. " that case you guys explore. I'll go back to the car and drive over to the real estate's office to let them know. You guys sure you'll be ok by yourselves?" "Well yeah Chris, it's us." Hans said. "...Maybe I should call a baby-sitter." He teased as he left. The five Creators turned to MK.

"So...why'da choose this house Kytaytay?" Shauni asked cheerfully as she smoothed her skirt. "Look." MK said, pointing to the window that was right across from them. For a moment, the sun shone through the odd stained glass. Then, on the ground, spelled out three words. Welcome Home Creators.
So! This is the first real adventure of MK Moon and Hans Hoshi and that adventure issss...Day #100 of house-hunting. -_-|||
Doesn't sound real entertaining but I assure you it is!
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January 3, 2013
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