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Creeeeeeaaaaaaaakkkkkkk. The door to the library slowly swung open. Hans didn't even bother to look up. It was either one of the other five Creators or MK Moon, her best friend. If it was MK then she'd announce herself as she always did. Hans waited, expecting to hear the words: "It is I, the awesome saucey MK Moon!" or something egoistical like that. When the person didn't say anything Hans assumed it was one of the Creators. It's probably Sarah...she's so quiet. She thought to herself with a smile as she return to her homework. Ok, Hans normally wouldn't do her homework in the library but her room was being used as a prank war zone and she needed peace and quiet for her art project.

She noticed the silence but said nothing. The last thing she wanted was to annoy Sarah and start a fight. Not that those two were ever at it but you never know. Hans pulled out her MP3 and put her Captain America headphones in. She grew lost in the music as she painted. She had even forgotten she wasn't alone until she felt someone sit next to her. She looked up.

Hans was very surprised to see it was MK. "Kitty, are you ok?" She asked worriedly, looking the small teen over. She looked the same neck down. Same Guns N Roses T-Shirt, same pair of blue jeans styled like Shawn Michaels, same neon green shoes with the DX logo painted on them. Same tiny copper cross around her neck. But something wasn't right and Hans looked at her face. The normal, bright, warm happiness in her chocolate colored eyes were gone, replaced by a cooling, unnatural depression. They were also red-rimmed, as if she had been crying.

"Yeah, I'm fine buddy." Her voice sounded tired as MK leaned back. "Just....not happy is all." Hans frowned. She truly hated seeing Kitty so depressed....she suddenly grinned and jumped up, almost knocking her painting over. "I know what'll cheer you up!" She sang, skipping over to the giant black stereo with Undertaker symbols painted all over it. Her eyes skimmed the tons of CDs the seven kept and found one special one. It had a paper case from when the younger teen accidentally broke it but the logo was still the same. Carefully she pulled out the scratched up looking CD and placed it in the stereo.

Guns N Roses' song Welcome to the Jungle blared out and Hans turned to MK, expecting to see her eyes light up and for her to start acting wild and dancing like her idol Axl Rose. But instead MK just stared silently at the floor. Hans pouted worriedly. Hearing Axl Rose scream isn't helping?! Oh boy....I know! Hans grinned and raced over to the tv in front of the couch where MK sat. With Welcome to the Jungle  still playing Hans pulled out the New and Improved DX DVD and placed the first disk in. She skipped all the boring parts and went to the DX reunion. Any moment now she'll start laughing and she won't be depressed. Hans thought eagerly. She waited and waited but she never heard the giggling. Confused, she whirled around to face her friend.

MK was still staring at the floor, depressed. Truly concerned now Hans walked over and sat on the worn velvet couch. "Kitty...?" "Hans buddy I really appreciate you trying to cheer me up. And on any normal depressed days this would cheer me up. But at the moment, I'd just like to be left alone. Please." Slowly, Hans nodded and grabbed the remote on the white coffee table. She pressed a couple buttons and shut off the tv and stereo. With a defeated sigh Hans sat back down next to the older teen and placed her headphones back in. Normally, as a last resort, Hans would tickle the teen and make her laugh since it worked well before in the past but she had a strong feeling that wouldn't help at all, oddly enough. With Brad Paisley singing in her ears, Hans began to paint once more, hoping that MK would be her normal, cheerful self soon.
When you're talking to yourself
And nobody's home
You can fool yourself
You came in this world alone.
-Guns N Roses Estranged

I'm in a depressed mood and right now not even Guns N Roses or DX or both are helping...I feel a bit better though, after writing that.
I only wish the first ever Adventures of MK Moon and Hans Hoshi story wasn't depressing but oh well.
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January 2, 2013
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